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Long Term Rentals

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4 North Street, Fairview

What could be better than this? This stunning space is located right in the center of town, near plenty of public transportation. This wide open space is the rental property of your dreams, and Sandpoint Vacation Homes is ready to help you start the rental process. Make this dream a reality — let’s make it yours today.

living room furniture

3 Ender Street, Englewood

This incredible space could be yours! Enjoy this huge and open space in the heart of Sandpoint! This newly renovated, well lit apartment is located near many beautiful parks, shops and delicious restaurants. This space is all you have ever wanted, and we can help make it yours.

Studio Loft

20 Jump Street, New Vale

Have you ever envisioned a dream home in your mind? It’s right here waiting for you. Sandpoint Vacation Homes has found this unbelievable rental space, and has recently listed it on the market. This new listing boasts a gorgeous and welcoming space, in a truly spectacular area. Interested to find out more? View the listing and make it yours today.

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